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When Death Occurs Away From Home

Death away from home is very unexpected, but it does happen. The process of handling funeral arrangements is already complicated and stressful, but knowing what to do when this happens away from home can help family members responsible for making any arrangements.

The first step would be contacting the funeral director at your local facility. He or she will be able to advise you on the best course of action in dealing with this situation.

Death inside the United States

When the death occurs within the United States, the family has the option to transport the body back to the home state or town. This usually requires the use of two funeral homes to provide a part of the services. The first funeral home at the location of death will collect and prepare the body for transport and the second funeral home will receive the body and conduct any services the family would like to hold.

Death outside the United States

When a death occurs outside of the United States, the family can have the body returned. The preparation and shipment will be done according to the laws and customs of the country where the death occurred. Embalming isn’t widely practiced in other countries, however there are other methods to prepare the body for shipment. The family will also have the option to bury the deceased in the country where the death occurred or have the remains cremated and returned to the United States through the mail or air services with the family.

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